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Arteriosclerosis, please visit Professor Jun YANGs personal website: , received her Ph.D. degree from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peking Union Medical College. She devoted on the medical research of cardiopulmonary disease for more than 8 years in university of Cambridge with Professor Nick Morrell。

combined with her Ph.D. expertise on the drug screening she continues the study at stem cell based small molecular intervention on BMP signaling for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. She has published more than 20 first and correspondent papers on international recognised journals including Circulation Research, and American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine. She was awarded British Associate of Lung Research young investigator first prize in the competition of British Thoracic Society meeting and Pfizer European pulmonary vascular disease research young investigator first prize. Her current project is aim to study the cell molecular mechanism of cardiopulmonary disease. For more information,。

She graduated from Zhejiang University in 1999。

Thrombosis and vascular Biology。

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